Stationary Probe

Stationary gas probe

In contrast to the probe pipe for portable analysers, where the most important are handiness and mobility, stationary probe is a neat and professional solution for extracting gas samples from single, immobile location.
This probe was specially designed to work in anchored position, and is equipped with proper chimney adapter, that holds the probe steadily in the position. It may also be additionally equipped with cleanable filter and its cleaning option, what prolongs the maintenance intervals, or thermocouple for gas temperature measurement.


Main features

Stationary probe is a necessary piece of CEMS system.
Probe must be adjusted to the diameter of the exhaust duct, to the prevailing temperature and dust level.
Probe allows to extract gas sample and to initially clean it. For this purpose it may be equipped with sintered stainless steel filter.
Additionally, it is usually equipped with K-type thermocouple that allows to perform the measurement of gas temperature.
To ease the maintenance of the filter (its cleaning) the probe may also be equipped with the valve (manual or solenoid one) that channels connected compressed air to the probe's filter in order to clean it with a strong blow.
Probe may be connected to the heated hose that leads the sample to the gas dryer.
Pictures below show examples of possible configurations of the stationary gas probe.

Stationary gas probe: base + sintered inox filter + thermocouple


Stationary gas probe: base + thermocouple + automatic blow-back valve


Stationary gas probe with chimney adapter for ANSI 2” and metric PN6 DN65 flanges


Stationary gas probe with chimney adapter M64x4mm


Chimney adapter ANSI 2” vs M64x4 (both with stoppers)


Stationary gas probe with cover


1. General parameters

Nominal length
(when probe is maximally immersed in the chimney)
300mm, 500mm, 1000mm
(other lengths can be also provided – please ask our sale engineers)
Weight 1kg ÷ 2kg
Probe pipe: material | outside diameter | inside diameter Stainless steel DIN 1.4571 | 10mm | 6mm
Thermocouple type NiCr-Ni (K-type)
Filter: material | OD | ID | length | pore size Siperm R (sintered stainless steel) | 30mm | 26mm | 90mm | 25µm
Cleaning air pressure max. 10bar, recommended 6-8bar
Gas hose: material | OD | ID | length PE | 8mm | 6mm
(probe can also be provided with heated hose)
Hose ending Plain hose
Compressed air connections: material | OD | hose Stainless steel AISI 316 | 9mm | 5/16”
Electric connection: type | length | plug Cu wire | 3m | 7 pin; 581 type
Junction box: dimensions (W x H x D) | material | IP code 58 x 64 x 35mm | Aluminium alloy | IP65
Operating temperature 800°C, 1150°C
(all probes with Siprem R filter can work only up to 650°C)
Storing temperature -20°C ÷ +55°C

2. Chimney adapter for ANSI flange

Dimensions: OD x D 155mm x 3mm
Material Stainless steel DIN 1.4571
Mounting holes for ANSI 2” standard: diameter | quantity 16mm | 4
Mounting holes for PN6 DN65 standard: diameter | quantity 13mm | 4
Load 150lb (68kg)
Mounting bolts: size | quantity M6x9 | 3

3. Chimney adapter – M64x4

Dimensions: OD x D 90mm x 30mm
Material Stainless steel DIN 1.4571, Brass
Mounting thread M64x4
Mounting bolts: size | quantity M6x9 | 3



Hereby tool helps to configure, in few simple steps, ready to measure analyser. It allows to select main structural components, like gas dryer, gas sensors, etc. Some elements, like probe pipes are to be selected separately. This mini-configurator, generates a list of madur codes that identifies the selected configuration. Customer may add own comments and requests. Device configuration has to be verified by pressing the Refresh button in the Order Summary section. Order summary can be send to our sale engineers for validation and in order to obtain price offer.

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