Calculator: ppm ↔ partial pressure

This tool recalculates values of volume concentration and partial pressure of a gas component.

Partial pressure of a gas component is a hypothetical pressure of this gas if it is alone stored in a sealed container under original pressure and temperature.

1. Determining partial pressure of the gas mixture component based on the volume concentration

 punktor Type in the gas concentration value into the Gas concentration window and choose concentration unit (ppm or %)
 punktor Type in total gas pressure value and choose pressure unit (e.g. hPa)
 punktor The recalculated value of gas partial pressure will be displayed in the Partial pressure window

Gas concentration (vol.) 
Total gas pressure
Partial pressure  



2. Determining volume concentration of a gas mixture based on the component's partial pressure

 punktor Type in the partial pressure value of a gas component and choose concentration unit (e.g. hPa)
 punktor Type in total gas pressure value (please make sure that the value is in the same unit as in the window above)
 punktor The recalculated value of volume concentration will be displayed in Gas concentration window (you can choose between % and ppm unit)
Partial pressure  
Total gas pressure  
Gas concentration (vol.) 


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