What are cookies?

Cookies are text files saved during web browsing on a computer (or other similar device) that the web browser is running on.

What are cookies used for?

When the user visits particular website for the second or another time, cookies allow this website to recognise the user. Information saved in cookies allow to adjust the website for users specified needs. In this way the information about preferred language is stored.

Does madur website use cookies?

Yes, our website uses cookies. In this way our website knows what tabs did the client looked at, so with each next visit the page will look the same for the client. Our cookies do not store any information about clients identity.

Do cookies share users information in the internet?

No, cookies are stored only on the client's device that is running the web browser and are used only when the browser displays website that created these cookies.


How to disable cookies?

A web browser is responsible for disabling or enabling cookies. There is a setting in each web browser that stops the usage of cookies.
Disabling cookies will be usually associated with loss of functionality of many websites, and in some cases can stop them completely.

To stop the cookies usage, one must go through the disabling process separately on each web browser installed and used on the computer.

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